Nottingham Treatments & Prices


The Ultimate Waxing Experience

Brazilians, Hollywoods, Las Vegas’s — you name it, we wax it. Even if it doesn’t have a name, nkd’s Nottingham salon can do wax it for you. We wax half legs, full legs, over arms, underarms, straight bikini with your knickers on or absolutely everything off. And we mean everything.

Our Nottingham waxing salon uses only the finest-quality waxes (from French depilatory house Perron Rigot) which grip at the hair, not at the skin. You won’t find gimmicks such as chocolate or hazelnut wax, because quite frankly we don’t care what it tastes like, and we suspect you don’t either, as long as it pulls out the hair in the most painless manner. In fact, in keeping with our ‘less is more’ ethos, we actually prefer to use hypo-allergenic, fragrance free wax where possible, which is ideal for most clients, including those with sensitive skin. Of course, all intimate waxing is carried out using ‘hot’ or ‘non-strip’ wax, which is far kinder on these sensitive areas.

All nkd waxing treatments include the necessary pre- and post-wax care, such as cleansing oil to begin and soothing oils and cooling gels to finish. We recognise that time is precious so you’re guaranteed to be in and out before you can say “so that’s what all the fuss is about!”, but of course we never rush.


Basic Bikini £15.00
G-String Bikini £22.00
Brazilian £33.00
Hollywood £33.00
Buttocks £15.00


Las Vegas £10.00 extra
Stencil Shapes £15.00 extra
Permanent Colour £20.00 extra
Temporary Colour £10.00 extra


Half Leg £22.00
Full Leg £33.00
Full Leg & Brazilian/Hollywood £66.00
Under Arm £12.00
Half Arm £18.00
Full Arm £27.50


Eyebrows £12.00
Upper Lip £8.00
Chin £8.00
Lip and Chin £14.00
Full Face £35.00


Full Body Extravaganza £70.00
Any other area £8.00 per 5 minutes

  • 10% maintenance discount if you return within 6 weeks for a repeat appointment, e.g. another leg wax or another bikini wax (don’t worry — we’ll text you when it’s time).
  • Every tenth wax is free so make sure you pick up one of our new loyalty cards and get it stamped every time you come and get nkd!
  • A maximum of 1 special offer or discount code can be combined on any single visit.

Cancellation Policy: For all treatments with a value of more than £35.00, we will take a 50% pre-payment in order to secure the booking. Please do let us know if you can’t make it or if you’d like to change your booking. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or fail to turn up to your appointment, sorry, but we will have to retain the prepayment.