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We’re talking hair retardants, hair-growth inhibitors and anti-regrowth solutions this week, as these highly-effective yet rarely talked-about products are relevant to about 99% of nkd’s customer base! And even if you come to nkd as a lash & brow customer only, it would be unlikely that you don’t have at least one area of your body where you wouldn’t be pleased if the hair growth there was a little less dense/a bit more sparse.

What Exactly are these Products?
So hair growth inhibitors/hair retardants and anti-regrowth products are all deeply unsexy names for creams and lotions which you apply to specific areas to reduce the amount of hair that grows in that area. Not only do they stop the hair from growing back as quickly, but less hair grows back in the area and the hair that does grow back is much finer and softer.

How Do they Work?
These products work by saturating the hair follicle and effectively “starving” the hair of nutrients, which discourages and reduces hair regrowth and ensures that any hair that does grow back is weaker, finer and sparser.

Which Areas can I Use them On?
They’re marketed to be used on pretty much any area – including of course your intimate area. Obviously the larger the area, the more product you will need. We know first-hand that they work brilliantly on smaller areas, such as underarms and around your bikini line (see pics below for exactly what we mean by this..).

How Do I Use them in Practice?
These products definitely give the best results when applied to open pores (i.e. soon after waxing or removing the hair in any other way). The product should be rubbed into skin until the area is saturated and the product fully absorbed. Each product differs slightly but are usually most effective if applied daily for the first few days after the hair is removed, and then weekly thereafter. The next time you remove the hair, you would start applying the product daily again for the next few days.

What Else Do I Need to Know?
• Most of these products are effective in reducing hair growth regardless of the way in which you remove the hair. E.g. they can be used if you wax/shave/epilate/have IPL etc.
• They will not work overnight. However, keep using them alongside your normal hair removal routine and before long, you will start to see real and tangible results
• These products will not reduce your hair regrowth to the extent that it does not come through ever again at all (if they did, we probably wouldn’t be promoting them in this way!). However, they absolutely are extremely effective in significantly reducing overall regrowth in the specific area to which they’re applied, as shown by the following pictures.

The above photos, while not particularly attractive to look at (!) show just how effective hair retardants can be, when used correctly. These photos are taken 8 – 10 weeks after this person last had their bikini area waxed. Unfortunately, the nkd staff member in question did not expect such dramatic results and so did not think to take “before” photos of her bikini area before she started applying the hair growth inhibitor. As you can see, however, she now has minimal hair growth around the sides and top of her bikini line, where she applied the cream.

So if you are interested in reducing the amount, density or thickness of your hair on any body part (underarms, bikini line, arms, bottom of legs, backs, chests, face etc) then we’d recommend that you definitely give one of our anti-regrowth solutions a try. Enquire with your nkd therapist next time you are in (or sooner if you want to want to be sure we’ve still got some in stock!) and let us help you to reduce the amount of hair growing through just where you don’t want it..

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